Daily Snapshots of Customized Intelligence:

The ArchIntel Daily Brief is a daily distilled, filtered and summarized report of all the news your organization needs to know. Sourced and filtered through a customer-specific, highly-customized search platform, a Human Intelligence team consolidates, prioritizes and summarizes the overflow of open-source media information to provide you with real, relevant and actionable intelligence in the form of a daily early morning report.  By condensing the flood of structured and unstructured open-sourced media into compelling daily reports, the ArchIntel Daily Brief provides the intelligence that your organization needs to thrive in an ever-changing market of competitors and disruptors.  Subscribe now to the ArchIntel Daily Brief or request a customized free sample of what your world looks like through the eyes of our advanced intelligence platform.

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ArchIntel Daily Briefing
  • Inform your Executives
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  • Track your Competitors
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The Intelligence Team

Our team of experienced researchers provides customized filtering and critical analysis at every step in the production process for our customers.

Our operational platform is industry agnostic. Leveraging our existing platform design and resources, we have the power to deliver daily, customized intelligence reports across any industry, any tool, anytime, anywhere.

The ArchIntel Daily Brief is a report of the most recent news about your organization, your competitors, your technology, your customers and your industry.

Daily Intelligence Briefing

The President of the United States gets a Daily Intelligence Briefing, informing him of threats, trends and intelligence across the landscape. Now you can too.

About Executive Mosaic

Founded in 2002, Executive Mosaic is a leadership organization and global media research company with a robust collection platform and distribution network. 

As a Google "Trusted News Source", we specialize in strategic government news to boost corporate executive external branding and visibility. 

Executive Mosaic is a trusted news source to over 90% of the top 100 GovCon companies and our platform-created newsletters receive well over 100,000 views per day.

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