ArchIntel: Human Intelligence As a Service

To each of our customers, the ArchIntel Human Intelligence team is as industry-unique, powerful layer over a custom-built research engine that is meticulously crafted to our customer's organizations. Every weekday morning, ArchIntel delivers the most recent news impacting your organization; report on your competitors, technology, customers and industry.

Daily Intelligence Brief

By distilling the overflow of traditional and social media that your organizational leaders and employees need to know, we funnel, filter, paraphrase and source actionable daily intelligence reports, delivered before you start your day, resulting in unmatched situational awareness and a competitive advantage.

Interactive Intelligence Archive

By storing all daily customized intelligence briefs for you in an interactive platform for future reference and reporting, we go beyond merely archiving; ArchIntel is your organization’s own competitive intelligence library that allows your team to conduct highly customized business development, competitive analysis or individual research.“

ArchIntel Products

Business Development with Customized Daily Intelligence

Daily Competitive Intelligence and Situational Awareness

Daily Engagement with a Turnkey White Label Solution

Stronger Teams: Foster Collaboration with ArchIntel

Human Intelligence as a Service – Sentiment Tagging

ArchIntel: Corporate Development and Training

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